Patch 3.2: Crusader’s Coliseum

Wie ja bereits an anderer Stelle erwähnt, wird die neue Instanz im Patch 3.2 das Crusader Coliseum sein. Diese Instanz ist ähnlich aufgebaut wie die „Arena“Questlines in Nagrand und Zul Drak. Sprich es wird keinen Trash geben und ein Bossencounter folgt dem nächsten.

Besonders hierbei wird sein, das man nach Möglichkeit nicht Wipen sollte, da sich dadurch der Loot am Ende der Instanz definiert. Sprich je weniger Wipes, desto besser der Loot.

Ich bin schon recht gespannt, wie dieses Event im ganzen aufgebaut sein wird, da ich die Arena-Questlines allesamt recht gern gemacht habe.

The time to strike at the heart of the Scourge is drawing close. Clouds blanket the skies of Azeroth and heroes gather beneath battle-worn banners in preparation for the coming storm. They say even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. It is this hope that drives the men and women of the Argent Crusade: hope that the Light will see them through these trying times, hope that good will triumph over evil, hope that a hero blessed by the Light will come forth to put an end to the Lich King’s dark reign.

Prove Your Might
The Crusaders‘ Coliseum, a new raid set to open its doors once World of Warcraft’s next content patch is released, will see you and your friends facing off against a series of increasingly challenging bosses, terrible monsters the Argent Crusade brought in from all over Northrend. Although the challenge is great, you will find that the prizes the Argent Crusade has to offer will make it all well worth your while.

So the Argent Crusade has sent out the call, a call to arms for all heroes far and wide, to meet at the very doorstep of the Lich King’s domain and to prove their might in a tournament the likes of which Azeroth has never seen. Of course, a tournament such as this needs a fitting stage. A place where potential candidates are tested to the limits of exhaustion. A place where heroes… become champions. A place called the Crusaders‘ Coliseum.


The setup for the Crusaders‘ Coliseum is surprisingly straightforward. If you are familiar with the Ring of Blood quest line, you already have a vague idea of how the Crusaders‘ Coliseum plays out in principle. After you and your friends enter the coliseum, you will face the first of several bosses; once you’ve defeated a boss, you will move on to the next one. You must master the encounters one by one, until you finally face the raid’s final challenge. Sound simple? That’s because there is a twist.

In the "Heroic" version of the Crusaders‘ Coliseum, you and your raid only have a limited number of attempts for each raid lockout period, and each time your raid wipes, one of your attempts will be used up. To embark on the epic Trial of the Grand Crusader, you must first prove your worth by clearing either the 10 or 25 player version of the Crusaders‘ Coliseum’s normal mode. After you have dealt the killing blow to the coliseum’s final heroic mode boss will you be able to collect the Crusaders‘ Tribute, and the fewer attempts you needed to complete the Trial of the Grand Crusader, the better your reward will be.

Meet (some of) the Bosses

  • Beasts: Your first challenge will pit you against a group of terrifying beasts the Argent Crusade captured in Northrend, including (but not limited to) a magnataur and not one, but two jormungar wyrms.
  • Scourge: Some call the lieutenants of the Lich King fearsome creatures made of pure nightmare, which is doubtlessly a fitting description. How the Argent Crusade managed to capture these fiends remains a mystery; what’s less mystifying is your fate should you fail to overcome this challenge.
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