Kurzer Nachschlag

Fix noch ein Nachtrag zu dem Beitrag von gerade, da ich über einen interessanten Blue-Post gestolpert bin:

Spirit for casters in WotLK
As I posted in another thread, some amount of Spirit is something that all casters are going to need a lot more of. You can’t stack shadow priests like you used to, and you can’t downrank. Mana management is a part of all caster classes, not just trying to maximize the pewpew. We got away from that a little in BC.

We also don’t always design gear to be perfectly optimal for everyone. Part of the game is examining a piece of gear, deciding if you need it or not, and how it will really benefit you. If your set pieces are perfectly optimized, it makes it less interesting to look at any other drops until you’re at the next tier. (Now I’m not saying we’re going to give you Str and Parry either.)

That said, I will bring up whether we could afford to trade a little spirit for crit on your gear.

All casters are going to need to take mana regeneration seriously again. For too long we let casters just stack +damage stats and fill themselves back up with shadow priests. You also have to consider downranking is also gone now so you can’t rely on that to save you mana. Spirit is a seriously good stat now. I realize Dreamstate isn’t directly a Spirit buff, but neither does it let you opt out of stat-based mana regen.

Hier wird also nochmals unterstrichen, was ich gerade schon vermutet habe. Da Spirit nicht mehr nur für Heiler interessant ist, werden sich nun in der Tat alle Stoffklassen um die selben Items streiten.

Any chance the 3.0.2 PTR will go up soon ?

Cool 🙂

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