Disc-Priester Dev Q&As

Ein neuer Dev Q&As zum Thema Disc-Priester ist aufgetaucht, der sich mit den Fragen der Disc-Priester auseinander setzt:

Developer Q&A
I just wonder, do the Blizzard devs think that Disc is turning out the way they imagined?
Yes. I am very happy with it. The designers who worked on Disc did a great job. It was a good PvP spec before but now is also a viable PvE spec, yet with a different healing vibe than Holy.

Are there any mechanics of the tree that might get tweaked soon?
Yes. Spirit and Penance come to mind. No, they’re not nerfs.

I’ve also heard that some Disc Priests complain that it doesn’t scale as well as Holy at extremely high gear levels. Is this an issue that is being looked at, or is it not considered significant?
There are no extremely high gear levels in the game so it’s a little premature to worry about. We do need to make sure Discipline’s tools scale with spellpower and other stats as do other healers.

Last and perhaps most importantly, is there any possibility of either getting separate Disc armor sets, or set bonuses/stats that appeal to Holy and Disc equally? Currently, I find the Holy sets to be great but not ideal: I’m aware they were not designed for my specc.
Bonuses we might do. Sets are unlikely. A big direction for us this time around was to drop fewer unique types of armor, but let players customize them towards their own play style with gems and enchants.

Da bin ich ja mal gespannt was an Spirit und Penance noch bis Patch 3.1 / Ulduar geändert werden soll. Wenn ich ehrlich bin halte ich Sühne, jetzt vor allem wo er der Spell gefixt wurde und man auch endlich nach hinten heilen kann, für perfekt. Ich wünschte alle Healspells würden auf diese Art funktionieren.

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