Patch 3.1 fairly soon, Priester in 3.1

Blizzard gab heute ein Statement ab, wann mit Patch 3.1 zu rechnen ist:

We are going to be announcing some of our plans for classes in 3.1 fairly soon. The announcements will be prominent. They will not be comprehensive. We are not going to announce every change we are going to make. We are going to risk giving you some insight into a work in progress, even though we may ultimately decide not to make some of the changes. You guys can help me remind other players of that when they get angry because we didn’t deliver a change that they were „promised.“

Hoffen wir, daß es bedeutet, das Patch 3.1 noch im Februar auf die PTRs aufgespielt wird. Dann könnte man damit rechnen das Patch 3.1 Ende März, Anfang April live geht. Also ein halbes Jahr nach Addon Release.

Bei den wenigen Inhalten die WotLK bietet findet ich es schon heftig, daß Blizz sich fast ein halbes Jahr Zeit lässt um neuen Content nachzuschieben.

Zudem gab es noch ein paar Blue Posts zum Priester:

Shadow PvP Changes
We have some PvP-oriented changes in mind for Shadow. We hope to be able to announce them soon.

Raid Bug – Circle of Healing / Wild Growth prevented by Vortex
We identified a bug preventing Circle of Healing and Wild Growth from being able to find targets in Vortex. It was not our intent that these heals be prevented during Vortex (beyond the nerf we already made to prevent them from being spammed).
We should be able to fix this in the next couple of days.

Guardian Spirit not procing properly the 50% heal
Update: the problem does seem to be related to a second hit killing the target before the GS heal can actually kick in. We should be hotfixing in a solution soon.

Raid-Wide Holy Nova
The reason we haven’t switched every spell over to be raid-wide is some of them don’t scale easily. With something like Holy Nova, you have two options:

1) Heals well in a 5-player group, so it heals phenomenally well in a 25-player group.
2) Heals well in a 25-player group, so trivializes anything in a 5-player group.

In other words, if you make it raid-wide and heal 25 for as much as it heals 5 for then it is just 5x as good in a larger group. So you start considering a 5 player cap, but then positioning is really tough because you can’t pick out the 5 most wounded people to target. So then you consider making it smart, and suddenly priests have 2 or 3 spells that work exactly like CoH.

The right answer might be something like it heals less per person the larger your group, but even that is a little strange and changes the role of the spell depending on group size.

But we have some ideas.

Hotfix for Guardian Spirit? (Doesn’t properly proc the 50% Heal)
It is not an easy bug to fix because the problem described seems to happen inconsistently and smells strongly of being affected by server lag. If we can come up with a clean fix then we will hotfix. Currently we aren’t sure how widespread or frequent the problem is.

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