Patch 3.1: General Vezax & Kologarn Video

Das Wochenende ist rum, Zeit sich einmal in aller Kürze die neuen Ulduar Bosse anzusehen, die in den vergangenen Tagen auf dem PTR getestet worden sind.

Der erste neue Boss der getestet wurde ist General Vezax. Und da ein Video bekanntlich mehr sagt als tausend Worte, direkt zur Einstimmung hier mal ein PTR-Video von Genreal Vezax.

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General Vezax
Health – 25M (25-Man) / 6.3M (10-Man)

· Shadow Crash – Fires a shadow missile at a target, dealing 11310 to 12690 Shadow damage to all enemies near the impact point and knocking them away.  After impact, leaves an energy field that lingers for 15 sec, increasing magical damage dealt by 50%, reducing healing done by 50%, and reducing mana costs by 30%. (10-Man – 5655-6345 damage)
· Searing Flames – Deals 13875 to 16125 Fire damage to all enemies within 20 yards, superheating their armor and reducing its ability to protect them by 75% for 10 sec. (2 sec cast time, interruptable)
· Surge of Darkness – Empowers the caster with dark might, increasing physical damage by 100% but reducing movement speed by 50%, for 10 sec. (Self buff on Vezax, you have to kite him around the room while the buff is up, lasts 10 seconds)
· When Vezax reaches 35% health, he will spawn an add with 2.3M HP. This add will repeatedly cast Profound Darkness (Inflicts 500 damage to all enemies, and increases Shadow damage taken by 10% per application.) and stack it on the raid, 20 debuffs means you will get 200% more damage from shadow spells (including Shadow Crash missiles from Vezax)
· Aura of Despair (Prevents mana regeneration from nearly all natural sources.  Aspect of the Viper, Judgements of the Wise, Shamanistic Rage, and Spiritual Attunement remain at least partially effective.) is active throughout the whole fight, the only "normal" way to regain mana is to use potions. You can also destroy the crystals flying in the room, they will drop a green cloud on the ground and will restore your mana, they will also damage you for an equal amount of health points (1000 Mana regen = 1000 Damage), this buff stacks and will regen more and more mana (and deal more damage as well) over time. The hard mode version of the encounter require you to not use these clouds

Der zweite neue Boss ist Kologarn. Direkt zur Einstimmung auch das PTR-Video zum Kologarn Fight.

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Health – 20.917M Kologarn, 5,22M for each arm (25-Man) / 5.2M Kologarn, 1.2M for each arm (10-Man)
· Overhead Smash – The not so massive attack Inflicts Physical damage and decreases armor by 25% for 30 sec.
· Petrifying Breath – Inflicts 18750 to 21250 Nature damage every 1 sec and increases damage taken by 20% for 8 sec. (Brittle Skin – Increases damage taken by 20% for 8 sec.)
· Stone Grip – Squeezes the life out of the target, stunning it and inflicting 3700 to 4300 Physical damage every 1 sec until Kologarn’s Arm sustains 450,000 damage.
· Focused Eyebeam – Inflicts 3700 to 4300 Nature damage to enemies within 3 yards.
· Shockwave – The shockwave from the massive arm sweep inflicts 11563 to 13437 Nature damage.

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