Patch 3.1 PTR: Hodir, Thorim, Iron Council und Freya

Die erste Testphase der Ulduar Bosse ist vorbei und alle vier Bosse konnten direkt auf anhieb gelegt werden, wenn auch nicht mit den optionalen Hard Modes.

Es bleibt wohl weiterhin wie bei Sartharion mit drei Adds, das die Basisfassung der Encounter von jedem gelegt werden kann und erst die sogenannten Hard Modes eine Herausforderung bieten werden.

Hier mal ein kleiner Überblick über die ersten vier Bosse:

• HP – 35,699,200 (Heroic Mode)
• Normal melee attacks for 25k damage on a well-geared warrior
• 8 Adds trapped in blocks of ice are around him, you can break the blocks (40,000 HP) to have them help you. They will randomly drop Toasty Fires throughout the fight.
• His aura called Biting Cold is using the same mechanics as Intense Cold during the fight against Keristrasza, it stacks up and damage increase over time. Moving will reset the stack. (This is also affected by the Toasty Fire, see below)
• Hodir casts „Flash Freeze“ (9 seconds cast time), a spell that freezes the entire raid in blocks of ice. 
• He will randomly spawn Icicles, they will create patch of ices on the ground as they drop. Standing on the ice when Hodir casts Flash Freeze prevents from being encased in a block of ice.
• You can also prevent Biting Cold and Freeze by staying next to a Toasty Fire in the room, however it will be removed by Flash Freeze. Warms nearby friendly creatures, preventing the effects of Freeze and Biting Cold, and increasing Spirit by 4.  Toasty fire can be extinguished by falling ice or powerful frost magic.
• After Flash Freeze, Hodir will gain „Frozen Blows“ and deal 70% reduced physical damage but each attack deals 40,000 additional frost damage.

Hodir 10-Man Version Video:

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Health Points – 11M

The fight takes place in The Clash of Thunder, an arena overwatched by Thorim himself. As you enter the arena you will see a Jormungar Behemoth (~1.2M HP) fighting a captured alliance/horde (opposing faction) team composed of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 damage dealers. Killing them is fairly easy, just make sure you take care of the AoE healing from the healer while fighting the NPC and try to avoid the large poison breath while fighting the Jormungar.

Once the NPCs and the Jormungar are dead, a lot of constructs (melee, casters, and healers) will jump into the arena from the stands and you will have to handle them with only one part of your raid while Thorim throws Stormhammers at them. He will also randomly activates the lightning orbs surrouding the arena, they will deal strong AoE damage to anyone near as soon as they are activated: run away from them!

The 2nd part of the raid will have to go through the hallway to the left of the Arena and fight its way to Thorim. This hallways is also full of constructs and will also have you deal with two mini bosses (about 5M HP each), you only have 5 minutes to reach Thorim before he goes berserk and kills your raid.

When Thorim is pulled by the hallway team, he will jump into the arena and the last part of the fight will begin. He’s got 11M Health Points and hits a well geared tank for 8k damage but will also use two abilities: the first one is an Unbalancing Strike reducing the defense of the tank by 200 for 15 sec (100 for 6 seconds in normal). He will also casts Lightning Charge every 15 seconds, just like with Grull this effect will stack and Thorim will deal more and more damage during the fight.

Thorim Video:

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The Iron Council:
Each time you kill a member of the council, he will cast Supercharge and the remaining monsters will gain extra abilities and gain 25% damage.
• Supercharge – Unleashes one last burst of energy as the caster dies, increasing all allies damage by 25% and granting them an additional ability.

Steelbreaker – 10M HP (Heroic) / 3M HP (Normal)
• Fusion Punch – An attack infused with energy that inflicts 100% weapon damage and an additional 8000 Nature damage per second. – He casts Fusion Punch on a ten second cooldown (but we saw it as late as 25 seconds.) If he is in a Rune of Power he will hit far harder, so it’s vitally important that he’s never standing in them.
• High Voltage – This is an aura that inflicts 2500 Nature damage every 3 sec. When he dies the aura disappears.
• Static Disruption (1 Mob Down) – Deals 7500 Nature damage to enemies in an area and increases Nature damage taken by 50% for 20 sec. (12 Yards radius)

Runemaster Molgeim – 10M HP (Heroic) / 3M HP (Normal)
• Rune of Power – Runemaster Molgeim casts Rune of Power on a target NPC periodically — there’s a few seconds with no rune and then another appears. It will buff anyone standing in it, including a mob.
• Rune of Death (1 Mob Down) – Summons a Rune of Death at a random enemy target’s location. This rune deals 3000 Shadow damage every half-second to anyone within 13 yards of that location. – This will be casted on a target player and inflict anyone within 13 yards of this player.
• Rune of Summoning (2 Mob Down) – Runemaster Moldeim gains Rune of Summoning which summons Lightning Elementals. These chase after players and appear to explode and deal damage. Their melee attack is Lightning Blast: deals 14-15.8k nature damage to everyone within 30 yards and kills the elemental in the process.

Stormcaller Brundir – 10M HP (Heroic) / 3M HP (Normal)
• Chain Lightning – Strikes an enemy with a lightning bolt that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 5 targets, causing Nature damage to each. – Stormcaller Brundir casts Chain Lightning which chains through the raid. It can be interrupted, and he can have his cast time slowed (e.g. with Curse of Tongues.)
• Overload – He emotes „PEASANT HAS CROSSED THE LINE“ as he cast this spell (10 seconds cast time): it’s vitally important that everyone gets out of range (it deals 25000 nature damage to everyone within 30 yards.)
• Lightning Whirl – Spins around throwing off bolts of lightning at random enemy targets. Each bolt deals 6598 to 7402 Nature damage. Lasts 5 sec. – Stormcaller Brundir gains Lightning Whirl, which does AE lightning bolts. It’s interruptable.
• Lightning Tendrils (Screenshot) – Tendrils of lightning shoot out of the caster’s chest, lifting them into the air. These lightning tendrils deal 4000 Nature damage to all enemies around the caster every second. – Stormcaller Brundir gains Lightning Tendrils, where he launches into the area and chases after players, AE’ing everyone in his path.

Iron Council Video:

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Boss info
• Health – 1,394,500 (Normal) / 4,183,000 (Heroic)
• Mana – 234,190 (Normal) / ? (Heroic)

The fight takes place in a lush, oasis like valley inside Ulduar. There are three Elder boss-tree mobs you can choose to kill or not, appearantly they are similiar to Sartharion’s hard mode if you choose not to kill them the fight gets considerably harder as each elder buffs Freya and her adds.
• Elder Brightleaf – The essence of Elder Brightleaf increases Magic damage dealt by Freya and her Allies of Nature by 50%.
• Elder Ironbranch – The essence of Elder Stonebark increases physical damage dealt by Freya by 50%.
• Elder Stonebark – The essence of Elder Ironbranch increases Physical damage dealt by Allies of Nature by 50%.

As you engage Freya, she will spawn multiple adds and start healing herself. She starts the fight with 150 stacks of a buff increasing healing on her by 4% (=600% at the beginning of the fight), a stack is removed everytime one of the add she spawns is killed.

Freya 4,183,000HP (25-Man) / 1,394,500HP (10-Man)
• Nature’s Fury – Infects an enemy for 10 sec, causing it to inflict 4625 to 5375 Nature damage to its nearby allies every 1 sec. (10-Man: 2035 to 2365 damage)
• Sunbeam — Inflicts 10638 to 12362 Nature damage to enemies within 8 yards of the target. 1.5 cast. (10-Man: 7863 to 9137 damage)
• Touch of Eonar — The presence of the Lifebinder heals Freya for 24000 health every 1 sec. (10-Man: 6000 health every 1 sec.)
• Attuned to Nature (x150) – Increases healing received by 4%.
• Photosynthesis — The rays of the sun heals the plant life for 10000 damage every 1 sec. (These will spawn during the fight, make sure you kite the adds out of them to prevent them from healing)

During the fight she will also spawns 3 extra adds at the same time (Storm Lasher, Stone Lasher, Ancient Water Elemental), they have roughly 1M HP each and you have to kill them all 3 at the same time, otherwise they will just revive. Killing one of these adds will remove 10 stacks of healing from Freya.

She will also spawn a bigger add at some point, an Ancient Protector with 1,9M HP. Just off-tank him and kill him to remove 25 stacks from Freya. He also uses Conservator’s Grip to silence members of the raid, stay under the Healthy Mushrooms in the zone to remove this debuff.
• Conservator’s Grip — The grip of the Protector prevents attacking and casting spells.

When Freya finally runs out of „Attuned to Nature“ stacks, just start DPSing her while you keep killing the tree adds she spawns (they will heal her for 15% after 10 seconds if you don’t kill them). Lower her life to 0 and she will become friendly again, loot the chest next to her for tons of epic loot!

Freya Video:

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