WoW Patch 3.3: Sindragosa Guide PTR Video

Ein neuer Tag, ein neuer Boss auf den PTRs. Dieses mal galt es den knochigen Drachen Sindragosa zu testen.

Ein wenig erinnert (wenn auch nur optisch) Sindragosa an den guten Felmyst, die beide im Wettrennen um den untotesten Drachen mit Saphiron recht weit vorne liegen. Bleibt abzuwarten ob Sindragosa genauso zickig sein kann wie einst Felmyst. Zumindest die Fähigkeit „Frost Bomb“ erinnert sehr stark an den guten Saphiron.

Eine Übersicht über Sindragosas Fähigkeiten findet ihr hier:

 Health: 34.9m (25) / ?? (10)  Other: Soft enrage at 30%
Blistering Cold
Deals 35000 Frost damage to enemies within 25 yards. This is used after she casts Icy Grip.
Inflicts normal damage plus 50 to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 10 targets.
Frost Aura
Deals 4500 Frost damage to all nearby enemies every 3 sec.
Frost Beacon
Marks a target for imprisonment in an Ice Tomb.
Frost Bomb
Deals 23563 to 26437 Frost damage to all nearby targets. You need to hide behind Ice Tombs to avoid this damage. Sindragosa will target locations in the room while flying and cast it there. After she uses this 4 times she lands.
Frost Breath
Inflicts 37000 to 43000 Frost damage to enemies in a 60 yard cone in front of the caster. In addition, the targets‘ attack speed and chance to dodge are decreased by 50% for 6 sec.
Ice Tomb
Entombs the targeted foe and all enemies within 10 yards in ice. She targets 5 random players after taking off and casts this on them. The tombs have 454k HP and must be killed after she lands to free the players stuck in them, though you should begin dealing damage to the tombs before she lands for maximized DPS on her post-land.
Icy Grip
Extend tendrils of frigid wind to pull all nearby enemies to the caster. After she uses this, she will follow it up with a Blistering Cold.
Using magic while afflicted with Unchained Magic will build up unstable energy, dealing 2000 Arcane damage to the caster per spell cast, 8 sec after spellcasting ends. Stacks 99 times.
Mystic Buffet
Buffets all foes within 200 yards with arcane energy, increasing all magic damage taken by 10% per application for 8 seconds. Stacks 99 times.
Permeating Chill
20% chance on physical attacks to be chilled to the bone, dealing 1000 Frost damage per 2 sec. for each application over 8 seconds. Stacks 99 times.
Tail Smash
Inflicts 11250 to 18750 damage on enemies in a cone behind the caster, knocking them back.
Unchained Magic
Inflicts an arcane malediction on the target, causing any spells cast to result in a backlash of Arcane power after 8 sec.  Multiple spellcasts by the afflicted target will intensify the backlash.

Das Video zu Sindragosa gibt es hier:

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